vRA Ninja Bootcamp follow up

For those of you that recently attended the Ninja Bootcamp on vRealize Automation I wanted to make sure that you had all of the links we referenced during the discussion.  Here they are in case you did not received them in the follow up e-mail.

Good to have links for reference (VMware) :


vRA and NSX


vRealize Automation 7.4 latest release update



Hands on Labs


Hand’s on Labs Documentation (watch for new labs coming after VMWorld)

vRealize Automation Getting Started

vRealize Automation Advanced Topics

vRealize Automation Advanced Extensibility

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize LifeCycle Manager

vRealize Business Getting Started

Documents from Hand’s on Labs


CMBU Blog 

The main site for the latest content for the CMBU.

CMBU Youtube Channel 

Get alerts so you know when new content is uploaded.

Getting More out of vRealize Series (ongoing Webex)

If you are not going to these series you are missing out on a great resource.

Cloud Native Overview

Great overview light board series to help you understand containers.

(Bloggers sites) 

Guide to permissions

Overview of how the permissions work.

Custom Forms

New in 7.4.

Useful installation and Configuration blogs

Mike ZG (Open902) vRealize Automation Install and Configure 7.3

Great site to get you started with installation and configuration.

Virtual Jad Detailed Implementation Guide

Fantastic resource on how to get started with vRA and a ton of great how to’s.  Make sure to read everything on NSX.

Daily Hypervisor

Great resources for a lot of vRA related posts.

vRealize Orchestrator

You can download examples of workflows here.

vRealize Orchestrator Book

SovLabs (The partner that spoke at lunch) 



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