VCP7-CMA Study Guide Post 1

As I look around for resources on studying for the VCP7-CMA I found a lot of resources in different places.  I am going to try and put as many of these together in 7 posts.  Welcome to the first.

My first recommendation is if you have not utilized the Hands-on-Labs go setup an account because in order to understand a lot of this material you will need to read the material and get hands on experience with the product.

There is also a 3 hour course on the fundamentals of vRealize Automation

You may want to take the full ICM course based on your background and exam requirements.

Additionally, I will be adding contend to the blueprint items around the requirements.  Make sure you understand the prerequisites:

No guarantees you will pass the exam!!!  This is just a guide that I am following for my own studying that I am sharing.  

Let’s get started with Objective 1

Objective 1.1 – Create, Modify and Publish Blueprints Based on a Given Design

Note:  HOL-1806-01-CMP – vRealize Suite – Getting Started is a great place to start with this content.

Start reading here

Read the vRealize Automation material in the blueprint guide that are listed.

Additional Content:

Building a Blueprint

Objective 1.2 – Create and Manage XaaS Blueprints with Custom Resource Mappings


  • Create and manage XaaS resources in vRealize Automation based on the design

o Configure Active Directory plugin

o Configure REST plugin

o Configure PowerShell plugin

o Configure SOAP plugin

o Configure vCenter Server plugin

section 5 “Creating and Managing Custom Resources with vRealize Automation”

o Create a service blueprint form

o Configure output parameters

o Publish the blueprint

o Create a service blueprint form

o Configure output parameters

o Publish the blueprint


Key Terms to Know:

Custom resource

A vRealize Orchestrator object type that is exposed as a resource through the API of a vRealize Orchestrator plug-in. You create a custom resource to define the output parameter of an XaaS provisioning blueprint and to define an input parameter of a resource action.

Resource action

A workflow that you can run on a deployed provisioning blueprint. The deployed blueprint can be an XaaS blueprint or blueprint component, or it can be a machine type that you mapped to a vRealize Orchestrator resource type.

Additional resources to review:

vRA DIG Extensibility Basics

vRA DIG Extensibility Basics Part2


Foundation and Concepts

  • Read and understand the section on Blueprints
    • Service Catalogs
    • Catalog items
    • Actions
    • Machine prefixes
    • Machine blueprint
    • Machine lease
  • Read and understand XaaS blueprints
    • Resource action
    • Custom resource
    • Resource mappings

Configuring vRealize Automation

  • Read chapter 4 – a lot of it deals with XaaS

Next section coming soon!



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